Witty's Lagoon Regional Park - Lagoon Trail Hike

Difficulty: Easy to moderate. The trail is narrow and can sometimes get muddy. Wildlife views are spectacular!

Vancouver Island hiking
High tide at Witty's Lagoon in Metchosin, BC on Vancouver Island.

The Lagoon Trail is the longest of the three hiking trails in Witty's Lagoon Regional Park. This trail offers front-row seats to the Sitting Lady waterfall, expansive views of Witty's Lagoon, and a trek through some of the oldest and largest trees on southern Vancouver Island. This spectacular nature trail meanders along the water's edge and is understandably a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

The hike starts from the main parking lot (across from the Metchosin Golf Club), beside the Nature Centre. Just beside the path is one of the largest and oldest Arbutus trees in the region. Follow the signs that will direct you along the winding path over Bilston Creek and around Sitting Lady Falls. The path follows the perimeter of the lagoon and has a vantage point directly across from the waterfall (note - the approach can be slippery when wet).

Further down, the trail descends to the water where the mud-flats flourish with life. Micro-organisms thrive in the fresh-water while the tidal flush from the Juan de Fuca Strait brings in bounty from the sea. The hike continues along the marsh which is home to over 160 species of birds. From kingfishers to warblers, swans and pelicans, Witty's Lagoon is a one of the best places in the region to birdwatch. Cloaked by the thick trees along the shore, hikers can view birds as they forage at close range.

At high tide, the estuary is placid and picturesque, and filled with swimming birds. At low tide, however, the mud-flats are teeming with life and the birds take full advantage of the easy access to food. Local tide tables will tell you when high and low tides will occur in the area.

Sitting Lady Falls, Witty's Lagoon
Follow the Lagoon Trail westwards to walk amongst the ancient trees.
Hiking trail near Sooke, BC
Sitting Lady Falls as viewed from the Lagoon Trail.

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