Thetis Lake Regional Park - Victoria, BC

Difficulty: There are easy walking trails around the lake and more challenging hiking in the hills at the back of the park.

Hiking in Thetis Lake Park, Victoria, BC

A scenic winding hiking trail around Lower Thetis Lake.

Thetis Lake Regional Park is one of the largest natural reserves within the Victoria area on Vancouver Island. The park offers outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, swimming and fishing and is a popular place for locals and tourists seeking a natural oasis within the city. The park's 831 hectares features picturesque lakes, lush forests and hiking trails.

The trails around Upper and Lower Thetis Lake are easy and scenic, with few hills. Panoramic views of the lake can be enjoyed from the top of the rocky bluffs. The trail continues through the forests with trees that are hundreds of years old. In the spring, a colourful canvass of wildflowers cover the slopes.

Lower Thetis Lake is a popular hangout for beach-lovers and swimmers. In the summer, families flock to the area to escape the heat and to cool off in the lake. Bring your canoe, kayak or small boat (electric motors only) and enjoy the quiet beauty of the area. Twilight hours and moonlit nights are perfect for romance seekers.

Lower Thetis Lake (1 Hour round-trip)

The main part of the park consists of two adjoining lakes. An easy hike around Lower Thetis Lake takes about 1 hour, and highlights the pristine beauty of the forest and the lake. From the main parking lot, head out on the trail that starts on the right side of the entrance. The trail has a few ups and downs and many scenic lookout points over the lake.

At the far end, the trail comes back down to water level and leads to a bridge that crosses the connecting stream between Upper and Lower Thetis Lake. This marks the turn-around point for the Lower Thetis lake trail. The Trillium Trail, a wide trail that travels through the forest, leads back to the parking lot. The upper parking lot offers change-room facilities. A short walk back through a forested trail returns you to the main parking lot.


  • The occasional black bear or cougar wander through the back part of the park.

  • Bikes are not permitted on the trails.

  • You can spot eagles and turkey vultures in the spring and fall near the summit of Stewart Mountain and Scafe Hill. Hummingbirds flit around in search of sweet nectar in the spring and summer.

  • To help offset the cost of operating the BC Parks, there is a small parking fee.

Thetis Lake Park
Lower Thetis Lake.
Hiking on Vancouver Island, BC
Take a breather to enjoy the views of the lake.

How to Get to Thetis Lake Park (from Madrona Cottage)

The park is about 30 minutes drive from Madrona Cottage and will take you into the suburb of Colwood.

  1. Turn left onto East Sooke Road (towards town).
  2. Turn left at the T-intersection onto Gillespie Road (at Bill's Food 'n Feed)
  3. Turn right onto Sooke Road (Highway #14) towards Victoria.
  4. Keep going straight, past Veterans Memorial Parkway (Highway #14) and into Colwood. This road changes into the Old Island Highway.
  5. Just before the TransCanada Highway interchange, turn left on Six Mile Road. This is a small road that's easy to miss. Look for the Six Mile Pub on the left-hand side.

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