Ed Macgregor Park in Sooke, British Columbia

Difficulty: Easy. You can spend hours admiring the Sooke Harbour and the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Ed Macgregor Park - Vancouver Island
Sooke has an extensive, oceanfront boardwalk along the Sooke Harbour.

Sooke Marine Boardwalk & Rotary Pier

The Sooke Marine Boardwalk connects to the Rotary Pier.

Whiffen Spit & the Olympic Mountains
Looking towards Whiffen Spit and the Olympic Mountains of Washington State.

Ed Macgregor Park is the pride of Sooke, British Columbia. It features a landscaped, public waterfront park that's located just outside of the town center. It incorporates manicured gardens, an amphitheatre and a gathering area that's used for community events and arts display.

This green space is a welcome refuge and showcases some of the most stunning views of southern Vancouver Island. As the park slopes down the high shoreline, visitors can wander down the boardwalk which traverses a series of switchbacks. At the bottom, the 1100 foot Sooke Marine Boardwalk snakes along the perimeter of the Sooke Basin and connects with the Rotary Pier at the end of Murray Road. You'll have wide open views of the local waters including Whiffen Spit and the Olympic Mountains.

Spend an afternoon at the dock taking in the sights and sounds. Sea birds flock to the boardwalk in hopes of catching a morsel from the waters. Eagles can be seen soaring high above, while seal play and hunt below. The Sooke Basin is protected from the open Pacific Ocean and Juan de Fuca Strait by Whiffen Spit so the waterfront is usually calm. The boardwalk is perched high above the water, making it a perfect place to enjoy the scenery.

Ed Macgregor Park is named after the first mayor of Sooke. "Mayor Ed" was instrumental in acquiring the waterfront property that would eventually be named in his honour. Most waterfront property around Sooke is privately owned so this park provides a public place for everyone to enjoy. Bring a picnic or try your hand fishing or crabbing from the Sooke Rotary Pier.

The Sooke Marine boardwalk officially opened on October 16, 2007 at a cost of $1.008 million dollars. Funding came from the 2010 Olympic/Paralympic Live Sites program, the Casino Revenue Funds and contributions from the Sooke community. Ed Macgregor Park and the Sooke Marine boardwalk are wheelchair-friendly.

How to Get to Ed MacGregor Park (from Madrona Cottage)

The park is about 20 minutes away from Madrona Cottage and is located near the Sooke town centre.

  1. Turn left onto East Sooke Road (towards town).
  2. Turn left at the T-intersection onto Gillespie Road (at Bills' Food 'n Feed).
  3. Turn left on to Sooke Road (Highway #14) towards Sooke.
  4. Travel through the only set of traffic lights in town. The road changes into West Coast Road.
  5. Look for the parking lot on the left-hand side of the road, just past Otter Point Road. Ed Macgregor Park is located at 6765 West Coast Road and is a short distance away from the parking area.

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