Hiking in Devonian Regional Park - Metchosin, Vancouver Island, BC

Difficulty: Easy, with a few hills.

Devonian Park near Sooke, BC
A bridge crossing the hiking trail in Devonian Regional Park, Metchosin, BC.

Hiking on Vancouver Island.

The trail quickly disappears into the thick coastal rainforest.

Taylor Beach, Devonian Regional Park, Victoria, BC
Taylor Beach along the southern shores of Vancouver Island.

Devonian Park is located in the neighbouring rural community of Metchosin, BC on southern Vancouver Island. This small but beautiful park offers a secluded forest walk that leads to a cobble beach. The path follows the Sherwood Creek ravine and is lushly forested in Douglas firs, maples, ferns and mosses. On rainy days the trees act as a natural barrier from the wind and the rain, and the hiking trail seems cozy and private.

The park is only 28 acres wide but visitors can spend hours beachcombing and enjoying the seaside views. Along the shores of the Juan de Fuca Strait you may see river otter, seal and even a local orca pod. On a clear day, you can see the city of Victoria with the Mount Baker volcano rising behind it. To the south is Port Angeles, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula.

The hiking trail starts in an open field that was once a farmer's field, then quickly disappears into the thick forest. The path winds its way through towering trees and crosses the creek near the middle of the park. Near the beach, a barrier spit formed naturally to create Sherwood Pond, an excellent place to birdwatch. A land-locked cutthroat trout species has adapted to this freshwater creek and is one of the rare former, ocean-going fish on Vancouver Island to adapt to fresh water.

From Taylor Beach, a path meanders along the western edge of the park to return to the parking lot. This trail borders a farmer field where you can sometimes see grazing sheep.

How to Get to Devonian Regional Park (from Madrona Cottage)

The park is about 25 minutes away from Madrona Cottage. Drive along a scenic, winding road with coastal view points that look toward the Olympic Mountains of Washington State and the Juan de Fuca Strait.

  1. Turn left onto East Sooke Road (towards town).
  2. Go straight through the T-intersection past Gillespie Road (past Bills Food 'n Feed).
  3. Drive for 10 minutes along East Sooke Road, through the Becher Bay Reserve.
  4. At the stop sign is an intersection with a Department of National Defense armory. Turn left and follow Rocky Point Road for about 10 minutes.
  5. Once you pass Hans Helgesen Elementary School on the right, SLOW DOWN. Your turn is coming up.
  6. Turn right on Lombard Drive. This scenic, narrow one-lane road is lined with 100-year-old trees and is a Metchosin historical site.
  7. Turn left on William Head Road and drive for 100 meters.
  8. The parking lot for Devonian Regional Park is on the right hand side of the road.


  • Stay on the designated trails and do not disturb the spawning grounds in the creek.

  • Bikes, camping, open fires and alcohol are prohibited.

  • Canadian and American cell phone coverage is good in this park.

  • This is an easy hiking trail and a good pair of running shoes should provide sufficient traction.

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